Friday, February 18, 2011

Galway Pictures!

Our first rugby game! Leinster won!

                                                                                   some of the girls at the club Carbon
                                                                                    Dunguaire Castle
                                                                     The tomb, I keep forgetting the name!
                                                                                 Cliffs of Mohr!

                                                                       Tiny road, we thought we were gonig to end up in the water

                                                                     Our austrian roommate for the night
                                                                       streets of Galway
                                                                           Original creators of the calladgh ring

Galway Girl

Last weekend we went to Galway and it was amazing. I cannot wait to go back with my parents.  We got in late Friday night so naturally went for food right away.  We got pizza for the first time since being in Ireland and it was much needed and fantastic! Afterwards we met up with our Georgetown friends at Kingshead pub then we went to a grand opening of a club which our hostel gave us free entrance too. The night was great until some irish girl head-butted our friend breaking her nose.  Apparently there was an issuse of dance space.  The girl is doing fine now, shes a rugby played so she's tough.  The next day we went on an all-day tour. We saw Dunguaire Castle (not so impressive) in Kinevara, then some tomb in Burren, and finally the Cliffs of Mohr.  The cliffs are absolutely amazing! Luckily it was not raining on us, but it was incredibly windy, that is why my hood is up in most pictures. That night we went to a different club (no worries, there were no altercations there) and afterwards we went to a casino.  I am not sure if you can really call it a casino, more like a room with a bunch of tables, but here I watched the five people who were better all lose all their money. Well four of them did, one actually won 10 euro. The next day we went to the original creators of the calladgh and got ourselves one!  After that we just walked around the city before going home to watch Marquette lose to Georgetown.  Nicole and I stupidly bet some of the Georgetown guys that Marquette would win, therefore tomorrow night she and I will be wearing Georgetown apparel out to a club. I will be burning all pictures! Next weekend we are going to Belgium!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pictures from Cork

Irish Band

                                                                      Irish Cider with Becky
                                                                        Our lovely hostel
                                                                Kissing the Blarney Stone
                                                             View from the top
                                                                 Huge Church
                                                      A pub with 430 types of beer...I got cider =)
                 Supposedly Spike Island...not sure which one, but I think it's the one on the left
                                               Yummy muffin and coffee
Blarney Castle, I don't know why it is sideways


So last weekend we went to Cork and had our first hostel experience.  It was definitely and experience, we had a mildew covered window shade, a room down the hall that was filled with wet towels, and toast as the included breakfast.  The first night we were scared of the beds thinking they were probably not clean, but the second day we were so exhausted and could not wait to climb into the beds.  We have become good friends with a group from Gerogetown and so we did this corck trip with them.  We went on a tour, which included Blarney Castle, Kinsale, and Cobh, so to Aunt Robin's delight I saw Spike Island where we have a family member from, but I do not remember the name. Sorry! We took this weekend off and will be traveling again next weekend.