Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The weekend after "spring break" or study break as it is called here we went to London. I had gone with my family two years ago so I wasn't as excited for this trip as I had been for past trips...well I should have been! We had an amazing time and so much fun! Natalie, Nicole and I arrived Thursday night and pretty much just went to sleep. On Friday we did typical sight seeing stuff then went and saw the musical Mama Mia.  It was great! We were all very happy and cheery after that and went and booked an amazing tour for Saturday.  On Saturday Becky joined us and we went to Stone Henge, Windsor Castle (the queen was there at the time), and Oxford.  I should inform you that the entire time we were joking about spotting Will and Kate since the wedding was coming up, and that we are all Harry Potter fanatics. At oxford we were taken to "The Great Hall" this was actually the exact room that Hollywood measured and duplicated on set! We were way to excited! We also stood on the staircase that the "first years" wait on in the first movie before being brought into the Great Hall for the first time.  That tour was definitely one of my favorite things we have done since being in Ireland.

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